Better Beginnings Hosts March for Moms and Improving Birth Rally


On May 6th 2018 concerned members of the public along with doulas, midwives, educators, nurses, midwives, physicians and other birth and pregnancy care providers joined together to show solidarity for the March For Moms Rally in Washington DC. Approximately 100 people gathered at Howarth Park in Santa Rosa to play, sing, have lunch, and learn more about local birth support for families.

Organizations participating in the event included the Sonoma County Public Health Nurses, Thrive Birth Center, Santa Rosa Birth Center, Doula Care Collective, Acorn Chiropractic Care, The Luma Center, Sonoma County WIC, Packages for Premies, The Cailin Faith Foundation, Sonoma County Babywearing Enthusiasts, and Abundance Massage. Clementine from Amazing Face Painting And Entertainment Services was on hand for face painting. The local band Buck Thrifty played a groovy set with their acoustic string trio under the gazebo. The North Bay Motorcycle Club even made an appearance to deliver a mountain of diapers that were then given away to families in need.

The Sponsoring organization, Improving Birth, will use the funds raised at the marches to launch its Mother Friendly Hospital Initiative, which will help health care facilities implement policies to lower induction rates for healthy pregnancies, lower interventions, and lower cesarean section rates. To learn more about the Mother Friendly Hospitals Initiative program visit

The March for Moms is an annual event in May, come join us in 2019 to celebrate our local families and birth community!


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