Breastfeeding Programs


Once the baby has arrived into the arms of the mother, the next event is breastfeeding! While many assume breastfeeding should come naturally, easily avoidable complications when left untreated can lead to failure. Many medical providers have not been properly educated to avoid typical problems. Women need help, especially in the first few days after birth, and it can be difficult for families to find the support they need in time.


Better Beginnings provides a Breastfeeding Home Visit Program that provides mothers with free, in-home assistance. In addition, Better Beginnings also sponsors a weekly Breastfeeding Clinic where mothers can get experienced, high-quality, fully trained lactation support. Contact us at 707-902-3031 for more information or to schedule an appointment. This service is available to all woman regardless of income, where you live, or where you gave birth.



Better Beginnings provides free breastfeeding support and on-call birth doula support. Call 707-902-3031 for more information!

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