Doula Care Benefits Everyone!


Doula Care Benefits Everyone!


Doula: The woman who serves. This Greek definition best suits all doulas in all areas of birth. It is true….some doulas do more, but all serve to the desires of the mother as their basic function.


The doula benefits the mother by providing emotional support, comfort measures, reassurance, assisting the mother to voice her desires and a physical constant presence. The doulas presence and support help the mother have the best birth possible.


The doula benefits the partner of the laboring woman by many of the same measures. Support to: be as involved as they desire, have rest brakes, make phone calls, check in on other children. The doula works with the partner as a member of the birth team.


The doula benefits the baby by providing constant support for skin to skin contact and early breastfeeding. The help of this one more set of hands allows the family to focus on the new baby and assists with the transition of roles from mother and partner into the role of parents.


The doula benefits the nurse and birth attendant by providing assistance in helping the mother be as comfortable as possible during the birth process. After the birth the doula provides continued support as the baby begins to breastfeed. She often helps with pictures, nourishment, phone calls, family and visitors.


The doula benefits the hospital and the birth center by helping to provide the family with a positive experience.


The doula benefits the normal birth process by providing faith and hope in an environment that is often focused on machines and measurements that are quite foreign to the woman and her family. This support helps lower the surgical birth rate and thus, by avoiding the complications associated with surgical birth, lowers the risk of maternal morbidity (mothers having long term problems after birth) and maternal mortality (mothers dying).


Every mother deserves a doula!

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