Success Stories

“My wife and I had hoped for a natural birth, but it wasn’t meant to be. She had to be transferred to the hospital, and after a difficult labor, our daughter was delivered.

Unfortunately, the difficulty delayed my wife’s milk. She tried for days to breastfeed and even met with lactation consultants in the hospital, to no avail. Meanwhile, our daughter lost a pound between her birth and her one-week weigh-in. My wife was heartbroken.

We received a referral to the Better Beginnings for Babies lactation clinic. A nurse who specialized in lactation advised my wife on how to change her diet to trigger her milk, increase her supply, and properly latch our staving daughter. That night, after following her advice, my wife was able to breastfeed! Our daughter is now 18 months old, still nursing, and thriving.

We credit Better Beginnings for saving the nursing relationship and playing the key role in establishing our daughter’s health.”
-Barrick Arnold

“When I met Rosanne I was at the end of my rope & ready to give up on breastfeeding. My daughter was refusing to stay latched & eventually gave up trying at all. After meeting with multiple Lactation Consultants with differing opinions & ideas we resorted to pumping and bottle feeding exclusively. This became exhausting after several days with two other children to care for. The stress this was putting on our entire family & the inability to carry on with life because of the pumping/feeding schedule finally lead us to the decision to give up trying to breastfeed. This was heartbreaking for me as I had nursed our two boys & I really desired to nurse our daughter as well.
Before giving up altogether, I decided to reach out to Rosanne as my last attempt but had very little hope. Her upbeat & confident nature instantly renewed my hope! After asking several questions she agreed to meet & she fit me in the next day. The moment she walked in I felt so much peace & I knew she was going to be able to help. Rosanne is incredibly professional & has a wonderful ability to listen & accurately evaluate a situation & implement a plan. She quickly discovered our daughter had a posterior tongue tie & was hopeful that having it snipped could help solve our issues. She quickly set up an appointment for us (the next day) to get it taken care of. Immediately following the procedure, Paisley started sticking her tongue out farther than she ever had! After a few days I began getting discouraged because I couldn’t get her to stay latched onto my breast. We met with Rosanne again & she worked & worked with Paisley until she stayed latched. After that meeting, she’s been nursing exclusively with no further issues! Words cannot express the amount of thankfulness & gratitude I have for Rosanne! She took a seemingly hopeless situation & confidently reassured me that it was absolutely possible to turn it around.”

-Bethany Hitman


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