Volunteer Doulas

Volunteer Doulas


Our team of volunteer doulas is on-call now and available to support your birth. Contact us at inapinchdoulas[at]gmail.com to learn more about our services or to volunteer with our program. Call our hotline at 415-66-DOULA 24/7 to request a doula at your birth. We serve all Sonoma County hospitals and birth centers.



Megan Sweetman is a Birth and Postpartum Doula and is also trained in Lactation as well as Childbirth Education. She became an official board member in 2018 after a year of serving as the In A Pinch Doula Program Manager. She has spent time volunteering at the Breastfeeding Cafes and is now the Volunteer Coordinator. www.rootandblossom.org



Amy Popplewell is a doula in Sonoma County who is studying to become a midwife. Her background and current career are in marketing and public relations.

Amy is the Director of our Marketing Committee, which is a resource for our doulas, consulting them on how to strategically position themselves in the local birth community.




Lauren Haws is a DONA International certified birth doula.  She is a Colorado native and earned her BS from Arizona State University in Family and Human Development with a minor in Women and Gender Studies in 2007.  This sparked her interest in all things birth and beyond. She began her doula journey in 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana and has been a volunteer doula with In a Pinch since 2017.



Lauren  Spahn is a yoga teacher, birth doula, and writer; an avid reader and lifelong learner; a world traveler and a language enthusiast. She has a background in facilitation and project development as well as non-profit communications and management. Lauren attended her first birth in 2006 while completing a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in Spanish with a minor in Women’s Studies. After eight years of fulltime non‐profit work, she completed her doula workshop in early 2014 and joined the ranks as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the start of 2015. Since then, she has taught public classes, offered private instruction, designed workshops, and pursued specialized training in pelvic floor work.
Caeli Matanky is a junior Nursing Major with a Women’s Health Minor at Sonoma State University. Through the classes she took to fulfill her minor requirements she became passionate about providing education and support to women regarding their reproductive health and experiences. Caeli wants to eventually go on to become both a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Nurse Midwife. She is currently the Program Manager for In-A-Pinch Doulas, but eventually plans to be trained as a lactation specialist and work in the lactation cafes.