Wine, Beer, and Kombucha Tasting: In Honor of Motherhood Art Show


A Toast to Mom! Wine, Beer, and Kombucha Tasting! The art show is free and the tasting is $25 featuring beer from Hen House, Lagunitas, Bear Republic, Revive Kombucha and Sonoma County Wines. Come raise a glass to toast mom and enjoy some wonderful tasty treats combined with some out of this world, first class liquids!

Throughout the month of May, Better Beginnings sponsoring the first ever local art show to celebrate motherhood. We are calling it “In Honor of Motherhood”. The show will run for the entire month and will be hosted by 33Arts, a local up-and-coming gallery, at 3840 Finley Avenue, Santa Rosa. A large studio within the gallery called, “womb space”, will house the mixed medium show. One room will be transformed into a Red Tent where women can come together to discuss their experiences, disappointments, rejoicings, and heartaches around the subjects of fertility, motherhood, breastfeeding, and parenthood. The Red Tent will be open when the show is open. Therapist, midwives, doulas, and childbirth educators, and others in the business of supporting mothers are welcome to bring business cards and information about their businesses.

As you know well, the transition from woman to mother is complicated and each of us has a story of our arrival.  Throughout the month of May, we want to create a positive celebration of mothers, babies, birth, and breastfeeding and thank those who help and support mothers in these amazing tasks. Mothering is more than biology. “In Honor of Mother” will show gratitude for adoptive mothers, foster mothers, grandmothers and those who mother and support our future leaders.

Better Beginnings provides free and emergency doula services to those in need as well as breastfeeding support. This year we began offering breastfeeding cafes where anyone in need of breastfeeding support is welcome to join us with certified lactation consultants. We are 100% volunteer run and it’s because of our community support and events like these we are able to offer the services we do.

Where: The Womb: 33 Arts 3840 Finley Ave, Santa Rosa

Open Wednesday Evenings: 6-9pm and Friday mornings: 9-12noon

Additional Events:

May 7th: 1-4pm The Wonder of Birth: A special event to focus on the hard work of women, their midwives, doulas, CBEs and doctors. Those who help mothers to have the best possible experience in birth have a very special calling.

May 14th 1-5 pm Mother’s Day Tea: An old-fashioned tea party to enjoy with mom on Mother’s Day.

May 20th the Better Beginnings Spring Gala: 1-5pm A Toast to Mom! Wine, Beer, and Kombucha Tasting! $25 for the tasting – Come raise a glass to toast mom and enjoy some wonderful tasty treats combined with some out of this world, first class liquids!

Purchase your Spring Gala Wine, Beer and Kombucha Tasting ticket here:

May 31st Closing Day: Thanking all of the artists, final sales, art pick up by artists and new art owners!

A Tribute to Mother:

The exhibit brochure will include tributes to mom. They will be business card size, ¼ pg, ½ pg and full page. The more you put in, the smaller the print! You can include a picture of your mother, too, if you like. We recommend that, if you submit a picture, you choose a larger size tribute. Please submit your pictures in jpg format.

The earlier you submit your tribute, the longer it will run. Tributes that arrive after the first publish date 4/29/17 will be run in the next week’s brochure. We plan to print off brochures April 30th, May 6th , May 13th and May 19th . This will help those who have late entries and also assure we do not run off too many and waste resources.

Business card size: $10
1/4 page: $25
1/2 page: $45
Full page: $75

Email your tribute to: [email protected]

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